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SSNOCWTA is currently in the process of updating its website. Should you need assistance with reading any document provided on the website at this time which is not compatible with screen reader software, please call 407-628-3419 or email Ed Gil de Rubio at As requested, SSNOCWTA will assist visually-impaired individuals by either providing an audio recording of the documents being read aloud, or a person who is able to assist by reading the document aloud, within seven days of receipt of such a request. Please allow up to 7 business days for SSNOCWTA to provide access to any posted document by way of one of the aforementioned ways.

Date Title File Type File Size
9/20/23 09.20.2023 - Board Agenda PDF 172.42 KB
7/19/23 07.19.2023 - Board Agenda PDF 191.83 KB
5/17/23 05.17.2023 - Board Agenda PDF 141.42 KB
3/15/23 03.15.2023 - Board Agenda PDF 121.57 KB
3/2/23 03.02.2023 - Supervisor Meeting Agenda PDF 251.66 KB
1/18/23 01.18.2023 - Board Agenda PDF 114.99 KB
9/21/22 09.21.2022 - Board Agenda PDF 283.31 KB
11/9/20 11.09.2022 - Board Agenda PDF 119.61 KB